The United States Attack On Afghanistan

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To what extent was the United States attack on Afghanistan aimed directly at the Taliban?
Do governments hold grudges? From a realist perspective it is understood that every government places their self-interest above others. However, what happens when a state or group interrupts or interferes with another states’ journey to fulfill their self-interest? America’s self-interest has always been securing the oil needed to maintain the growth of the American economy.
The question is in reference to the American attack of Afghanistan in October 2001, following the supposedly terrorist attack that took place when two hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Tower building in New York. The issue that will be discussed is the speculation that the attack was predominantly based on the past conflict concerning power and oil between the United States government and the Taliban organization. The essay will take on a realist perspective with the understanding that government and non-government actors are inherently selfish in nature and more concerned with relative gains (Kissinger 1979). Firstly, the essay will refute the American claims that the attack was solely based as retaliation for the September 11th incident. Secondly, in order to debate the extent to which the Afghanistan invasion was directly aimed at the Taliban, the many reasons for why the Taliban was targeted will be discussed. The United States attacked Afghanistan because the Taliban refused to accept American conditions

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