The United States Casino Market

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The United States casino market is constantly growing. With over 1,511 casinos in the United States the total revenue brought in was over 73 billion dollars. The top 3 areas with the most gaming revenue were the Las Vegas Strip (6.207Bil), Atlantic City (3.052Bil), and Chicagoland (2.243Bil). The market grew up by 15 billion dollars between the years of 2012-2015 ( In the future the market alone is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5% from the years 2016-2020 in the United States ( Over 350,000 jobs are offered by Casinos in the United States. Regardless of the amount of jobs offered, the industry has both pros and cons to the way it operates. The money to build casino often comes from private investors and in some cases, taxes. The United States directory of gaming properties includes over 1500 different types of gambling facilities including casinos, horse tracks, dog tracks, resorts, and cruise ships ( However each casino costs money to install/maintain the machines, which in turn will not be too big of an economic impact on the revenue. Pennsylvania was issued a contract to have eleven state “slot machine” casinos in its borders, which are the casinos which have machines and other tables in them. The Gaming industry is fairly new here in the state, being able to start operation in the year of 2004. In the state there was a 7.7% higher gross revenue reported in the month of January than there was…
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