The United States Census : An Element Of The Us Department Of Commerce

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The US Census dates back to 1790 and is currently headed quartered in Suitland, Md. As of 1942. As an element of the US Department of Commerce the US Census is overseen by the Economics and Statistics administration. The US. Census Staffs over 4,285 members. The goal of the US Census Bureau is to provide the U.S. quality, accurate data that represent demographic truths of the U.S. The US. Census counts the population every 10 years. The census counts every person who resides in the 50states and US territories. There have been a total of 22 censuses taken so far dating back to 1790. Each household is mailed questionnaires and households are mailed a second questionnaire if the first one is not taken. If households fail to respond…show more content…
According to an article titled “Census continues to undercut blacks Hispanics and kids”. The Census has no plans to adjust the miscount. This is problematic due the lack of representation which will lead to poor federal funding for certain areas and that will result in a stagnant level of economic stability. Demographically, families will suffer from health risks due to poor diets that are derived from limited resources such as forms of employment and governmental assistance programs. The greater threat of pregnancy rates will probably increase because people are at home seeking ways to conquer leisure time due to unemployment. Fertility rates will go up as seen in black communities and poverty levels will increase due to the inability to resourcefully support families. In essence federal funding is highly essential to the growth and development of communities. Without Federal funding areas such as black communities are faced will a plethora of demographic and economic challenges Ethnic and racial minorities inexplicably live in hard-to-count regions and situations which results in the inability of the U.S. Census to accurately reflect numbers through data that depicts correct figures. Due to unfavorable living conditions such as limited resources, poverty and multifamily housing arrangements blacks and other minority groups
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