The United States Congress Often Comes Across Issues That

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The United States Congress often comes across issues that are met with gridlock. These politicians often face complaints from people within their own workplace or just the average citizen. When they see something that needs to be revised, they must articulate a plan that will not only satisfy their party, but also the people who fall under the plan. These conflicts range from a president’s term limits to even repealing certain amendments. Just because it’s written in the Constitution, doesn’t mean it can’t be revised! Here are some concerns that have been brought up through the recent years. Term limits for the Congress of the United States have been debated for quite some time. The debates were ignited after the court ruling on Inc. vs.…show more content…
This was one of his many attempts of trying to “Drain the Swamp” in politics. He stated that if elected president, he would push for a constitutional amendment to enact a term limit on all members of Congress. That has not happened yet, but only time will tell. (Phillips) I believe the people and Congress see this as a way of putting a balance on the two main parties. I agree with the Congressmen I have mentioned above. I do not believe that any member of Congress should be able to hold their spot until they lose an election. We are a government with checks and balances after all! We should do everything in our power to make sure that we are a truly free and well represented society. The mandatory balanced budget is another topic that is thrown around in Congress. According to Wikipedia, every state with the exception of Vermont contains some sort of a balanced budget. Our Federal Government does not. Our Federal Government is not required to have a balanced budget. With that being said, that means that as long as the bill is passed, they are allowed to spend as they please. No wonder why our debt is almost at twenty trillion.. Now, just because there is not an amendment for a balanced budget, does not mean there have not been any attempts to try and pass one. Sadly, Conservatives have not been able to get the votes necessary to pass any of their plans for this budget. Ronald Raegan was one of the first people to support the mandatory
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