The United States Constitution: An Overview On Its Origin

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The United States Constitution: An overview on its origin and global impact Pranjali Sharma South Western Oklahoma State University March 24, 2017 Thesis statement The origin and framing of United States constitution was a historic event, it has been precursor to many country’s constitution yet it is facing mixed reaction from various countries and theorists on its composition. Introduction American constitution has been precursor of introduction of different types of governance. Presidential system, Bill of rights, separation of power is examples of the thoughtfulness and important aspects given by it. After war with Britain they have made sure that they don’t vest complete powers to the central government and made…show more content…
This confederation of states was not very strict and it was built such that the representatives from different states will be diplomats and they can work on different national issues. But the things, which were happening inside states, were left to states alone. The power vested in the confederation of states was very less and most of the time the delegates from states wont show up to vote on important matters. The initial voting system was that each state irrespective of their state’s size had single vote. The article of confederation was made but still it wasn’t the effective one and each state were more excited about new powers vested to them after end of Britain rule. The taxation system for center was also not well regulated. States were busy making their own tax system and gave taxes to center on volunteer basis. The Article of Confederation lacked various crucial elements like no mention of three branches i.e. Legislative, Judiciary and Executive. The Constitutional Convention When congress realized that the above-mentioned issues would hamper in formulation of rules and regulation, they decided to call a convention in Annapolis in 1786 in Maryland. As only 5 states were present, they declared another event to be called up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787. This Convention took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787. The main purpose of the convention was to fix and amend the already existing articles of
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