The United States Constitution And The American Declaration Of Independence

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The United States Constitution and the American Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States of America is always touted and considered by many across the globe as one of the most liberal and people-friendly Constitutions in the world over. This assertion flows from the lofty language with which the document was written by its drafters and further inherent in the subsequent amendments. It represents the supreme law of the U.S, having been promulgated back in 1778. On the other hand, The Declaration of Independence is the document that reflects the desire that the people of America had to gain self-rule, after being under the British Colony. The document came into being in 1776 (Tsesis 96). There have been divergent views among legal scholars on whether the U.S Constitution reflects, implements or practices the language of the Declaration of Independence. A closer look at both documents reveals that both advocate majorly for the upholding of the indefeasible, inalienable and indubitable rights of the people. In this paper, I will seek to shew that the Constitution puts into practice the language of the Declaration of Independence, why and how.
The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, contains a plethora of complaints and “charges” against the then colonial ruler of England, King George III. It is some of these misgivings and violations of basic human rights that the drafters of the current U.S Constitution wanted to ameliorate by…
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