The United States Constitution

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The Constitution The Constitution is the foundation of the United States Government. Each branch of the government relies upon this document to dictate how power is distributed in this democracy and the people rely on the Constitution to protect them from the Federal government's power. Before the Constitution the colonies were divided under the governance of the Articles of Confederation. This first government was adequate through the Revolutionary War but afterwards the people needed union and a strong central government. The need for a government spurred men into action and the Constitutional Convention was called to develop this much needed strong central government. These men were known as the Framers of the constitution. Unfortunately not all was good at the convention. There was much debate about the way the legislative branch between the Virginia plan and the New jersey Plan and the debate was resolved with the Connecticut compromise. There were many more debates over things great and small but one of the most important was the debate between the Federalists and anti-Federalists about the ratification of the constitution and including a Bill of Rights which guarantees the people's rights and protections therein. The combination of these many factors created the Constitution as it is known today, a strong central "trunk to the United State's "tree" that will grow new branches over time and let others fall to fit the needs of the people resting under its protective
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