The United States : Diplomatic Relations With The Iran

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The United States of America does not have diplomatic relations with the Iran. To summarize the events that led to the current situation, The Islamic Republic of Iran established diplomatic relations with the United States of America in 1883, then known as Persia (Martin 19). Through the influence of the USA, the country came to establish a limited constitutional monarchy to help replace the dictatorial monarchy in 1906. In 1953, following the oppressive rule, there was a coup that overthrew the democratically elected prime minister, which was supported by the USA and its other ally United Kingdom. The coup was meant to establish a bilateral relationship between the two countries that could expand their economic and democratic relations.…show more content…
It has also continued to disrupt peace-keeping efforts in the region, particularly in Iraq and Syria. In order to compel the nation to terminate the nuclear program and address human rights abuse, the US in collaboration with the international community has been in negotiations with Iran, imposing economic sanctions against the nation. Currently, the US administration through the USAID and the State Department continues to offer the necessary training and tools for Iranian peoples to fight for their rights. It encourages citizens to advocate for their constitutional rights to expression, gender equality as well as free interaction with the world. By the Executive orders of the US President supported by legislation by the US congress, all trade and investments in the Islamic Republic of Iran are prohibited, for all US citizens and corporations. The only exceptions are for the sale of basic commodities, such as food, medical devices and medicine, but can only be one-way trade from the US to Iran. (Sherril 34). The congressional legislation and executive order state that the sanctions will be lifted if the country meets the obligations of the international community, which are terminating its nuclear programs, protection of human rights and ceasing to support and sponsoring the terrorist (Sherril 34). The negotiations are supported by the United Nations, since both nations are members, including other

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