The United States During The 19th Century

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2. The U.S. used harsh, but appropriate, measures to civilize the inhabitants of the west. In the 19th century, several different groups apart from Americans were harshly and forcefully pushed Westward. Native Americans, Mexicans, and Chinese were groups of individuals who from the viewpoint of America, threatened the American way of life in different types of aspects varying from, religion, skin color, political systems, language, and types of government. This groups of people were civilized by the United States, and used what was attainable in their hands to control any opposing forces against the American societies way of living. In 1607, the commence of Indians being pushed away into the west, and seized from their land first began.Throughout the years the U.S would obtain vast amount of new lands, and Indians would continue to further be pushed away. And it would not be until the 1800’s when they would be pushed into Mexican territory. There they would first begin to integrate into society, which would later result in mestizaje. Indians in the 19th century would undergo harsh measures from the U.S government and its army since they were a form of threat to Americans. Indians would be known as, backwards, barbaros, and barely human. The U.S would come to a realization that “backwards” would represent a point of view that would violate their true nature of the universe, and what was believed to Protestantism. From the viewpoint of an American, the white race
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