The United States During The Cold War

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The U.S. needed Soviet information so they decided that the best way on gaining information was using a Utility Plane from great heights. On May 1, 1960 Soviets shot down an American U-2 spy plane that ended the rumors of the U.S. and Soviet Union allying to conquer the space race. This attack caused many disagreements and fights which led up to the Cold War. The U-2 spy plane incident which sparked great anger was the climax of the Cold War. The U.S. took pictures of their army which included weapons, planes, and boats. The Soviets also made a threat that they could be in a nuclear war so the United States wanted to confirm this statement. Along with spying on their army they kept tract of their missile technology progress to have an upper hand. They took pictures of flight vicinities and building grounds. Thirdly, they took some images of their cities During the flight that was taken down Gary Francis Powers was pilot. Powers was an experienced pilot that worked with the U.S. Intelligence Agency for a while prior to the crash. During this period Eisenhower was president of the United States. Eisenhower had a good reputation and was well liked by many people. In the Soviet Union Khrushchev was the premier. This incident wasn’t just a onetime occurrence; the United States was doing it for years. The flights were first approved by Eisenhower first approved the plan on building and spying in 1954. The United States built planes that could fly to altitudes of over
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