The United States During The Indochina War

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During the Indochina war, the United States aided the French, but if we inspect France and United States relationship during World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not approve of colonization, and wanted France to halt in suppressing Vietnam. Roosevelt did not approve of France’s establishment of political control; it also disapproved of Britain’s, in which the United States did not have a good relationship with regarding this subject.
After Roosevelt’s passing, this policy and belief of anti-colonization was not the concern of the new president and administration. Since this was Roosevelt’s personal belief, we see this clearly when France is being heavily attacked and invaded by Germany. France asked the United
States to aid them and Roosevelt did not officially deny help, but actually ignored them and in time sent assistance to France. The reason why the United States did not agree with imperialism and colonization from
France and Germany was because they would control the trade. Britain in the past had exclusive ports and trading with other specific countries. This was problematic for the United States, its economy and the United States wanted free trade globally. This was the initial cause for the involvement in Vietnam. The United States wanted to establish a liberal globe. Liberalism is not what one may know today. Currently, the term liberalism is used to define as to tax the rich, to spend a lot of money and give money to the
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