The United States During the 1970´s

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War, corruption, scandal, sounds like the theme for a movie. Actually it describes the atmosphere of our country during the 1970’s. The decade of the 1970’s was a decade filled with political, social, and environmental issues that have had a lasting impact on America today. Some of the issues that affected our country in the first half of the 1970’s carried over from the decade before. One of the first notable events was the Kent State massacre. The year was 1970 and President Richard Nixon stated in a television speech that the United States had invaded Cambodia. Nixon told the American people the invasion was a defensive response to the aggression of the North Vietnamese in Cambodia. He stated that this action would speed up the…show more content…
The following season Hank Aaron started his season with the Milwaukee Brewers. His success was not over for him. On May 1, 1975, Hank Aaron broke the all-time RBI record that was previously held by Babe Ruth. This was the last year he played for the Braves and was in the 24th All Star Game. In 1982, Hank Aaron was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He received 97.8% of the ballots. (Wikipedia)
On July 30, 1975, James “Jimmy” Hoffa disappeared without any evidence of what happen. Jimmy Hoffa was a former Teamster President and made the strongest labor union in the country. Hoffa had a luncheon at Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Hoffa was meeting the men to try and regain his President position as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Jimmy Hoffa lost his powerful position after being convicted in 1964 of jury tampering, conspiracy, and fraud. Hoffa was granted clemency in 1971 from President Richard Nixon. Unknown to Hoffa but Detroit mobster Anthony Giacalone and New Jersey labor leader Anthony Provenzano wanted Hoffa to stay retired.
Hoffa’s wife was last person to talk with him from a pay phone to tell her he was apparently stood up. Not long after the phone call a 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham pulled out of the Marchus Red Fox Restaurant and nearly hit a truck. The driver recognized Jimmy Hoffa sitting in the backseat. Investigators were able to track down
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