The United States Economy Expanded During The Ronald Reagan Presidency

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How and why the United States economy expanded during the Ronald Reagan presidency
Atreyapurapu Srinivas Karthik Erukula Kowshik Goud Kondalamahanthy Sri Harsha Venkat Aganya Mutupuri Sagi Vivek
OPMA-5364-001 Project Management 2015 Summer
Dr. Randal Napier
Assistant Professor at department of Information Systems and Operations Management
Due date 07/20/2015
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Prior to Reagan Administration
Reduce Marginal Tax on income both from labor and capital Reducethegrowthofgovernmentspending
Reduce inflation by controlling the growth of the money supply Reduceregulation
Impact of Reagan’s policies on U.S economy
Unemployment rates
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In fact, it was the greatest economic expansion the world has ever seen - in any country, at any time. And the person responsible for that period is Ronald
This report analyzes the causes of economic growth during the Ronald Reagan presidency by using various quantitative measures of a nation’s economic activity like GDP, income tax returns, Unemployment and inflation. It also examines the economic effects of the significant changes in tax and regulatory policy that have occurred since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The first part of the research paper will explore the economic conditions of the nation prior to the Reagan era and the economic woes due to high
inflation and high unemployment rate. Reaganomics is introduced in the second part of the paper, which discusses the various economic policies introduced by Ronald Reagan and the impact of these policies on U.S economy. The third part of the research paper relates the cultural aspects of the topic to project
management coursework.
This research paper enables us to throw some light on various management aspects and their proper usage. Considering the presidency period of Ronald Reagan various management skills have been analyzed. The root causes of the economic expansion are also identified and stated accordingly. The impact
of Ronald Reagan’s administration on America’s economy can be clearly observed at the end of this
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