The United States Economy Suffers Greatly Due To The Discrimination

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The United States economy suffers greatly due to the discrimination of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) community. In the past twelve years, LGBT businesses have provided $1.7 billion for the United States economy (Marks). Many Americans, especially those from religious backgrounds, are opponents of the LGBT community (Chu). Many LGBT students in high school are bullied and drop out because of all the discrimination. When they drop out they are not able to obtain an education and get a job, which results in these students becoming a burden on society because the government is responsible for providing assistance to them, which is done with tax payer money (Archer). Additionally, adults in the LGBT community often experience some…show more content…
More than 25% of LGBT community are students in high school. Two-fifths of the LGBT student population have been beaten up because they are different. Because of the verbal and physical harassment 66% of these kids feel scared to attend school. The outcome of finishing school and getting the right learning skills is low when they feel unwanted where they are put to learn. Students in high school feel targeted and bullied because of their sexual orientation, therefore leading them to drop out of high school. Failure to get a GED results in failure to get a real job later on in life and succeed. More failure rises when the outcome of no GED produces a low amount of money, therefore contributing low amounts of money to the economy. A persons sexual orientation does not need to determine the type of education they will uphold (Salazar). In February of 2016 a bill was passed denying schools to have transgender bathrooms. The students would have to go the restroom with the gender they were born with. North Carolina also passed legislation that discriminated against LGBT community. House Bill 2 provided protection against discrimination for all communities except LGBT. Schools were banned from giving LGBT kids the permission to use the bathroom they sexually orientated with. Many workers were not happy about this and spoke against the bill. Later, Dennis Daugaard, repealed the law. The

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