The United States Education System

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Is the United States education system the best system in comparison to the rest of the world? There are positive aspects to the system, but there is also negative ones that can be improved if the United States took in consideration the way other countries run their education system. Students should be taught life skills that will help them make the right decisions and help their life be less stressful and keep their mental state healthy. Instead of allowing students to have the mindset that the subjects they learn are useless, schools should be teaching them the way their studies will help them with their futures. The U.S. education system is problematic and needs improvement in terms of students’ preparation for their future, student…show more content…
Students have a choice in their education. According to a study by Jackie Cooke, “the overwhelming majority of students are admitted to both high schools and university programs based upon entrance examination performance” (Cooke 1). If the student plans to go to universities or wants to obtain a higher education, he/she would choose to go to academic high schools. On the contrary, there are groups of students who do not plan to attend university. Those students would choose to go to commercial or industrial high schools, where they would still learn how to contribute to their country. In an academic school, the students are taught strictly with the purpose to prepare them for a higher education after high school but in an industrial/commercial schools, the students are taught how to work and help upgrade the industry in the cities. This system could help improve our system because the United States seems to be teaching their students as if they will all attend university but do not have the alternative school like Japan does. Similar to Japan’s educational system, students in France have a choice in their education. They still have to attend elementary and middle school by default but at the age of fifteen, all students have to take a test which will indicate whether the student is eligible to continue onto the next year or if they would have to retake the school year. Once a student reaches the
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