The United States Education System

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The United States have long been held in high esteem by their peers for their higher education system’s ability to produce the best and brightest young adults that can impact the world. Students in our nation have a choice whether or not to attend prestigious higher-level institutions in order to educate themselves and prepare themselves for the job market. The U.S. has an outstanding reputation of educating students as well as making education available to everyone in the country. Whether it be a public university, private university or a for-profit institution, people can easily find a way to pursue their academic goals. However, many students graduate college with the inability to find a job because they weren 't properly trained and with massive debt due to the extremely high price of tuition at most universities. College is viewed as a necessity, but is priced as a luxury. This is leading to a drastic downturn to the success of the United States education system. Changes have to be made in regard to how universities are funded as well as universities reevaluating where their responsibilities truly lie—either making a profit or preparing students for the workforce in order to ensure the growth and posterity of the United States. There are many different types of higher education institutions and reasons to attend them. One of them is nonprofit private universities. Nonprofit private universities are extremely attractive because of their prestige and reputation. Students
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