The United States Education System

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One would think that as a World Superpower the United States education system would be producing exceptionally high caliber young men and women to become contributing members of society upon graduation. However, in many ways, the opposite is shown to be the case, with declining test scores, with a 19% dropout rate among high school students, with a 41% drop out rate of college students, and 40% of the graduates unprepared to either continue their educations at universities or become worthwhile members of the workforce. These declines can be attributed to many factors including lack of parental involvement, teen pregnancy, rising tension in world affairs, drug use, and many others, however, our government 's involvement in the school system is another major factor and is the current focus of this paper. In it I intend to show how many of the government 's policies with regards to education are proving to be a major hindrance in the preparedness of our youth once they 've completed their requisite milestones for graduation. (U.S.A Department of Education, 2012) The implementation of standardized tests such as ASK, NYSTP, PAWS, CSAP, and PSSA, although good in theory, have moved the focus of a child 's education away from practical applications in favor of making them "good test takers." Teachers are now forced to place so much emphasis on their school 's standings among its peers that they have almost no time left to ensure that they have properly educated their students
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