The United States Education System Essay

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Thesis statement: The United States education system has weaknesses that should be remedied by emulating the education methods of other countries such as Finland and Japan.
Before delving into the weaknesses of United States education, it is important to have an understanding of what has shaped it to become the system it is today. The rich history of United States education reveals many of its founding principles. When the first settlers came to the country, a basic system for education was established. Local governments were in charge of providing their communities with a source of education. These authorities would build and fund schools as well as choose what subjects would be taught based on the values and needs of the towns. This historical involvement of government in schooling explains why today’s government plays a similar role (Spellings, 2005). Over time, schools developed, incorporating complex textbooks and taking into account children’s cognitive readiness for certain levels of education. Noah Webster, who lived in the late 1700’s and 1800’s, was an avid supporter of the philosophy that children go through specific learning phases. He claimed that children should not learn to read until they are five years old, and his textbooks followed an age-based structure for learning (“History of Education,” 2016). Age-based education and the involvement of government in schooling are just a few of the many historical factors that are still being put into…
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