The United States Educational System

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A good way to become and stay a valuable member of the United States is to get an education. While this is not named in the Constitution, it is an essential part in becoming an informed and productive US citizen. This is because education is not only one of the key components used to creating the United States; it is also what has been used for millenniums in order to build great and prosperous civilizations such as: The Roman Empire, The French Republic, Great Britain, The Kingdom of Spain, etc. An extraordinary educational system allowed these sophisticated cultures to transform from a dream into the historical innovators. Sadly, The United States educational system is in trouble. Just over 200 years ago, The United States proudly practiced a European educational system, one which promised opportunity to those who wished to become citizens. Today, American 12th graders rank 19th out of 21 industrialized countries in mathematics achievement and 16th out of 21 nations in science and our advanced physics students rank dead last. Formerly, the US had ranked in the top 3 in each of these. While the US Education System is one of the factors that draws thousands of immigrants into the country every year: it is in grave danger of becoming one of the lowest of the industrial world. The only way that this can be reversed is that the people of this country stand up and complete their Constitutional duty of bettering the country and the people within, and propel our educational
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