The United States Educational System

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Everything in life has its flaws but it’s when and where those flaws are that counts. The United States educational system is no exception to this and it shows the most through both test scores and statistics. This problem is easily noticeable when you take into account of how well the other countries around the world have been doing in comparison of the United States. Like most things however you can fix a problem by going to the source of it and many sources are saying the that the sources of this problem is at home. They believe that this is the source due to how much it affects kids both mentally and psychologically. Other problems like teenage dropouts and pregnancy are also major problems affecting school. Teens that dropout say that they are bored or that schools feel unwelcoming and cause discomfort, ignoring this is not going to help we need to fix this in order to continue to advance not only as a civilization but as a generations as well. Pregnancy is no joke and can cause families of the teen that is pregnant a lot of stress and confusion among them. Lastly the skills we learn in school should always directly be associated with life. Back with the teens feeling that school is boring and unrelated to anything to do with life why do you think that is, why else would a kid say that. They don’t know and it’s the schools and older generation jobs to make sure that they do know. While schools have been doing better, it needs to be more relative towards life to prevent
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