The United States Electoral College

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The electoral College was developed at the first constitutional convention in 1787 by James Wilson. The idea of the electoral college was influenced by how Rome would elect the Pope around the same time. During the Constitutional Convention they bounced around several ideas on which way would be most effective to elect a president. The number of electors was dependent upon the number of people in that states senate, (will always be 2) and the number of the people that state had in the House, (which fluctuates every decade depending on that states census.) Choosing the electors was left up to the state, but to avoid the college choosing a “favorite” they had to cast two votes, one of which had to be for someone out of their home state. The electoral college was originally designed for use without political parties and without national campaigns,both of which we have today. While the electoral college was a good system for the original thirteen states it was developed for, there needs to be a better or more direct way to elect a president of the united states. At the time of the development of the electoral college, the Framers were wary to give the people all of the power to elect the president. They wanted to find a happy medium where the people still had a voice, but they weren't in total control of who became president. They bounced around several ideas before they made a decision. Some of these ideas included: having a direct popular vote with the majority winning,

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