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Introduction: The United States is well known for being the melting pot because of the diversity of its people. There are variety of racial, ethnic, religious, and cultures that make the United States what it has become today. In America it doesn’t matter who you are, you can worship any religious faith you chose under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Although they are different, you can still find many similarities among them. Although some may object, even within the United States, times have shown that religion still helps bring people together. Chapter 11, answers: 4: Siddhartha Gautama is the real name for Buddha; he lived about 500 year ago, in the Common Era. He was born into a wealth and raised in a palace. He got married, had a child, and then in his early thirties; he had four sights that worry him and awaken his consciousness mind. He had pictures of rotten decay, death, and different images that prey on human life. He saw ill people, old folk, a dead corpse, and last an ascetic trying to leave his old life behind by giving up the good life of everyday person. He decided to follow the example of the ascetic person and give up his fortune, cut his hair off and started his journey as a holy man to India. 4b, He realized giving up pleasures of the body did not give him the result he was looking for. Siddhartha then decided to take up the discipline called the Middle Path; this is neither pleasure nor pain. He finally started to see results while on the

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