The United States

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Cheyanne Sitch
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“The United States we stand at this moment at the summit of this world” –Winston Churchill. 1940 was the last year before the United States fully engaged themselves into the war. At this time the US was dealing with its 11th year of the depression. 1/7th of the population was unemployed at this time. This meant that nearly 14% of the workforce was unemployed in 1940 compared to the average of 17% in 1930. During this time the federal government did not maintain a poverty line but if they did, 45% of white households and 90% of African American households would be in poverty. The middle class was about 1/3rd of the population. This is when the country went to war. December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked. The attack of Pearl Harbor is when the movement of 16 million men joined the armed forces. Then, 12 million of those 16 million were then sent overseas. Once this all took place, as many as 1/8th of civilians changed their residence in just the 4 years and 1/5 changed the state that they lived in. 700,000 African Americans left the south. Only a decade and a half later, 2/3rd of the population became home owners. Racial equality was starting to be “solved”. There were over 20 million jobs created and most of them where taken by the women. In the 1940s, you would have never imagined or said that in just 5 years everything would have changed so drastically. In the 1940s the United States was known as the isolationist country. They had high

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