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In the 1900’s, the United States has expanded their trading routes with oriental lands such as the Philippines. A striking speech, delivered by a first-term republican senator, Albert J. Beveridge, strongly advocates the annexation of the Philippine islands to the USA. The most striking points about the senator’s speech are his three poorly thought out reasons justifying Americans to colonize the Philippines, which were religion, profit, and race.
The reason was for the American imperialism, which was the economic profit and the belief of the American supremacy. According to Albert J. Beveridge in his speech, he believed that Filipino people were seen as bad people (considered as a not self- governing race). But the Phillipines and the United States seemed to be all about profit with the trading. The islands were the base for trade with the East and provided power over the Pacific in case of future wars They consisted of a numerous amounts of: resources, vegetable and mineral wealth. Most of the wood of the Philippines can supply the furniture of the world for a century to come and the wood, hemp, copra, and other products of the Philippines supply. The economical reasons showed a mean to develop an important commercial power, and a commercial base in the Pacific. One of the solutions would be China due to the huge market and natural customers. But nothing is so natural as trade with one 's neighbors. The Philippines make the U.S the nearest neighbors of the East. But,

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