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The concept of the United States is so ingrained into the hearts of Americans that it can be hard to imagine when the home of the brave did not exist. However, the early seventeenth century features the origins of a country no one could imagine at the time. It began with James I issuing a charter to the Virginia Company, known then as the London Company, in 1606, but it progressed from that rough start to become the first permanent English colony in North America, located in Jamestown. New additions soon came to what would be the United States: Plymouth in 1620; eastern Massachusetts in 1630; and finally Maryland in 1632. The first two colonized regions of North America by the British, the Chesapeake Bay and New England, faced early difficulties, had relatively unsuccessful economies as well as commonly plagued relationships with their native neighbors, and eventually blossomed enough under the rule of dedicated governors to expand; yet, the Chesapeake was found to be have possibly the worst relations with natives, at least in the Jamestown region, and a deeper focus on the economy, while New England was more devoted to religion and the practice of it in the Americas.
The North American settlements were all birthed under similar economic circumstances and faced even more alike challenges, which included high death tolls and poor locations, yet the Massachusetts region found more stability in spite of these challenges because of its significant number of families escaping…

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