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The United States continues to be in the spotlight, especially during an election year and specifically when it comes to immigration. Most recently I was intrigued by an article I read, titled “ Article“that talked about the unprecedented number of unaccompanied children crossing our U.S. Borders illegally. What began as an intriguing subject that sparked my interest evolved into a desire to expand my knowledge on the subject of immigration, particularly these unaccompanied children crossing our borders? The article for all intent and purposes shed some light on the subject matter by providing numbers and statistics, however; it also left me with a plethora of unanswered questions regarding the livelihood of these lost children of our borders. What this article failed to mention is, what would prompt families to send their children, some as young as toddlers to an unknown country where the risk for their welfare is a precarious one at best and the barriers of language alone are substantial. Where are these children coming from and what transpires once they reach U.S. territory? Are they returned to their respective countries and what factors determine whether they are deported or are permitted to remain in the United States? Who assumes responsibility for these children, is there a final destination or perhaps, the hope relies upon that our system will locate a family member in the U.S. that would succumb to their rescue. The bigger question is what is the United States

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