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Between the start of the 1800’s and the mid 1850’s, the United States acquired a vast amount of territory through wars, annexation, and purchases. Beginning with Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana purchase in 1803, the United States began a campaign to acquire all the territory west of the Mississippi River and reach the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This time period would become known as Manifest Destiny. Over the five decades that Manifest Destiny lasted politics and the government changed along with the geographic face of the United States while the country expand to cover most of North America. Of these political changes, the death of the Federalists, birth of the Whigs and reformation of the Democratic party were among the most prominent. However an underlying conflict began to progress with each new purchase and acquisition of territory. Manifest Destiny led to multiple political conflicts resulting an increase in sectionalism and eventually complete sectional division. As time progressed so did the scale of slavery in the United States. Politicians were divided over the status of slavery throughout the United states, but the acquisition of new territory provided new areas to fight the over slavery and other issues. For the most part the status of slavery within the well organized Eastern territories was decided, prohibited in the Northern States and legal in the Southern States. However with the large amount of territory acquired during the Louisiana Purchase

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