The United States Failing War on Drugs Essay

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The government needs to understand that marijuana is a drug that can actually help; not only people with mental and physical problems such as cancer, but the economy as well by getting rid of the hard drugs that cause real problems and benefiting from a drug(s) that that can actually help problems. When it comes to finding drugs such as cocaine, heroine, meth, etc… Apart from being highly costly, drug law enforcement seems to be not doing their job as well as they could be. Illegal drugs are still finding their way into the United States. Whether it’s over or under the border, people are still finding ways to smuggle dangerous drugs into our country. “It is very conducive to smuggling activities,” said Anthony Coulson, the Assistant…show more content…
The United States jail more of its citizens than any other country (cato). Most of which are non violent criminals. This could be from the failed war on drugs and mandatory minimum jail sentences. It would be hard to recover from all money that has been lost. So could marijuana help all this? Its certain that it would give law enforcement more time and energy to stop crimes that actually endanger innocent people, and it could keep money locally and generate revenue from the taxing of cannabis, causing the drug cartels to have fewer drugs on the streets. Cannabis could save millions.
The fact that cannabis is still illegal in forty-eight states is insane. Cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food kill hundreds of people every year and those are legal? I mean one- third of all AIDS cases in the US have been caused by syringe sharing (counterpunch). Study after study has shown that Marijuana is way less harmful than tobacco and alcohol (factslides). Cannabis has not even been directly linked to a death due to overdose, car accident, or cancer ever (Huffington). These are many reasons why many people support marijuana legalization and one of those reasons is because of the medical benefits. A drug that does not have severe side effects or could possibly kill you. Drugs like Cocaine, Heroine, Alcohol, Cigarettes. Those are the real drugs. Not Marijuana.
. They say that the cannabis can help the patient, but the plant itself (hemp) could help
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