The United States Federal Government

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When voters elect representatives, they elect the leaders who will mold the future of the society. This is the reason why elections entitle an ordinary resident; it allows people to influence the future policies of the government, and people’s future. The United States relies on a complex system of government, where the national government is central but state and local governments utilize control over affairs that are not meant for the federal government. State and local governments have varying degrees of independence in how the organize elections within their jurisdiction, but they hold frequent and self-administered elections. Research on party control and the spread of public expenditures in the United States is sparse. Several studies of the United States federal government shows a positive association between share of spending going to a district and the Democratic vote in that area. Considering that Democrats were the majority in Congress during the observed year, the studied results reflect the behavior of the Democratic Party and the features of areas that tend to vote for Democratic party. Bipartisan system may be ideal, but it is clearly not a extensive event in the United States. Republicans dominate the Northeast and Middle West while the Democrats dominate the southern states. Republicans are seen as the conservative and emphasize their ideology on property rights and buildup of wealth and the Democrats are seen to favor social and economic policies. The
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