The United States : Free, Diverse, And Equal

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We are the United States, where the people are given life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are the United States: free, diverse, and equal. But what happens when one is not equal? What occurs when a minority of our population struggle every day to be heard about their lack of civil rights? And what happens when the majority refuses to listen? The lack of understanding that revolves around cultures in our country negatively affects how others perceive the culture and allows open access for groups to be discriminated against. Though through empathy, one can learn to understand each other’s experiences, understand the civil rights that are being deprived and learn to build a stronger and more equal society. When one is unfamiliar…show more content…
The man who stabbed Russell Means in the chest was let free for “good behavior.” Simple civil rights of justice are being taken away because of the ignorance of Native culture. Native American history is sad and brutal. Massacre after massacre and battle after battle, Native Americans continue to be deprived of their civil rights. Just for the simple act of living here first, Native Americans were slaughtered throughout the country. Lawrence O’Donnel from MSNBC explains how those who were not killed were threatened and pushed out of their land. They still live on the reservations that the invaders told them to live on hundreds of years ago. But now we want to rip up their land that we forced them to live in and build a pipeline that will run through burial grounds they cherish as sacred. The construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is a controversial issue because though Dakota Access proponents argue that it will be constructed with high technology and the chances of leaks will be unlikely; potential leaks aren’t the only reason why the Native Americans are hostile towards the project Before Native Americans were even properly consulted about the pipeline, authorities were already digging through sacred burial grounds. According to Bill McKibben, Native Americans have been working their fastest to get the government 's attention with peaceful protests and petitions just so that

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