The United States General Election Essay

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While the 2016 United States general election has been in itself special with regards to the deep division among the electorate and lack of favorability of the two frontrunners for the presidency, it still has the unique American system of being dominated by two major political parties; Republicans and Democrats. Over time these political parties have experienced massive changes but in modern America they have crafted very unique identities. With regards to social issues such as abortion rights and treatment of minority groups and economic issues such as fiscal spending, income taxes and welfare, Republicans in general have been characterized as mainly conservative, tax averse and against government entitlements while Democrats have been generally characterized as mainly liberal on these same issues. Altogether political affiliations to either the right or the left can be categorized based on their preference for stability. Liberals are generally seen as being more adaptable to a changing environment for example in the case for LGBTQ rights where the changing environment has generally led them to be more acceptable while conservatives are more likely to be less open, sticking to what they consider traditional values. These attributes have for a long time been seen to be largely determined by the political atmosphere in an individuals’ environment but growing research has shown that these characteristics have a significant association with human genetics. In this paper I
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