The United States Government Covers Up Files And Reports

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There 's something in the sky! This Paper will prove that the United States Government covers up files and reports; and most of the files, and evidence are locked away at area 5e1. For decades area 51 and cover up stories have captured the eye of people, TV, and the internet. The government has covered up numerous accounts, stories, and reports. People often ask many questions about Area 51 such as, where is it, what is it, what is kept there, how big is it, and many more questions of that nature. The main question about area 51 is what is it? Area 51 is a top-secret, The base is owned and operated by the United States Air Force. The base is 5 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. There are many crashes that are suspected to be from…show more content…
This account was researched in the 1960s and a few people in the town were alive when it occurred. The evidence given to the researches are reliable and believable. However the researchers have tried to uncover and dig up the grave the alien was buried, but the town council rejected the idea of the grave being disturbed. Recent studies have showed that the crash site had no windmill in the area and that the property it was said to be on was the current mayor 's property, so many people believe that this incidence was nothing more than a hoax to raise interest. Another famous accident occurred on 1947 July 31 at Maury Island, Tacoma, washington state. This incident indirectly led to the death of two investigators. The report became publicized by Ray Palmer (editor of Amazing Stories); he just surfaced it the sighting was from Fred Crisman, who also claimed to have actual physical evidence of a flying saucer. Kenneth Arnold, who was investigating UFO reports in the Northwest started investigating this case. He interviewed Crisman and his associate Harold Dahl. Crisman reported that they had seen a doughnut-shaped craft dump piles of slag like material on the beach of Maury Island in Pugent Sound. 2 Air Force officers that were on the case immediately recognised the material as ordinary aluminium, although they did not say so so that no one would be
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