The United States Government and Information on the Internet Essay

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As the internet age blossoms in the twenty-first century, news and information is becoming available to anyone at anytime with just the click of a button. Almost all preceding forms of media can be found in this one, worldwide medium. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and more are all being transferred to the internet to allow for more readers, viewers, or listeners. This new level of access brings the question: How much involvement should the government have in this distribution of media? In the United States, many people value this freedom of information above all else, however, in other nations around the world, citizens are not allowed this liberty. For example, the governments of China and Iran continue to censor media…show more content…
However, freedom of speech, press, and expression is not a liberty valued by all nations. In Iran, a theocracy, the internet, television, and radio is littered with content that contradicts the core values of Islam, making it a threat to their culture. The most recent and popular display of how seriously the government is about media restrictions, is the arrest of the six Iranian citizens who took part in the production of a music video of Pharrell Williams’ hit, “Happy”. Reporters say “the police found it offensive. Iran state media called it ‘vulgar’” (Ghitis). The young people were released due to pressure from other nations, however the director remains in prison for his crimes. Because Iran is a nation built on the religion of Islam, its people must follow the principles held by Muslim leaders. “Article 24 of the Iranian constitution holds that while ‘publications and the press have freedom of expression,’ it is unlawful to express views that are ‘detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam or the rights of the public’” (Bruno). This contradicting statement is a perfect example of the turmoil that Iran has been going through. The country keeps swinging back and forth between movements to secularize the government, and movements to purify the theocracy and return to traditional values. “Since 2000, Iran's

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