The United States Government and Its Executive Branch

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The Executive Branch America is called a democracy which means that the government is designed to be run by the people. Since it is a representational democracy, this means that instead of voting for everything directly, the people vote for others who will then make a great deal of the decisions regarding laws of the land. The United States' government is comprised of three branches: the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Each branch is responsible for certain tasks which when all branches are working together create a democratic government which serves to protect the people. The job of the legislative branch, which is Congress, is tasked with making the laws of the United States. The judicial branch's, the courts and judges with the Supreme Court at the top, responsibility is to interpret the laws and to see if they are constitutional which means that they do not go against what the Constitution says is legal for the country. The Executive Branch is headed by the President of the United States as well as those who directly report to him. Their job is to enforce the laws and to make sure that all the citizens of the country follow the laws of the federal government. The President of the United States is in charge of the Executive branch of the government. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of the American military. Under him are the vice-president, who will take up the office of the presidency should anything happen to the president and the cabinet which is a group
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