The United States Government and Out Land Essay

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Mr. Uriah Muhammad

The United States Government and Out Land
     The United States government is known to give its citizens great advise with much care and concern. With this being known, many people come to the conclusion that United States citizens can faith in the government when it comes to making crucial decisions. Terry Tempest Williams is not one of these people. In “The Clan of the One-Breasted Women”, Williams gives her views on the government conducting nuclear tests in Utah. In contrast, in “America’s Energy Plan in Action: Bearing Witness,” an article Williams contributed to Orion magazine and OrionOnline, Williams speaks on issues containing actions of the government drilling for oil and natural
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The United States of America case. It started off fairly pleasing but ended in ruin. She states in line thirty-two that it was the first time that the federal court determined that nuclear testing had been the cause of cancers, but this landmark ruling was not permanent. In line thirty-eight, she says, “In April 1987, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Judge Jenkins’s ruling on the ground, that the United Sates was protected from the suit by the legal doctrine of sovereign immunity, a centuries-old idea from England in the days of absolute monarchs.” What happens next is probably what sent Williams over the edge. Williams states tat the Supreme Court refused to review the Appeals Court decision in January 1988. Williams also shows her sarcastic tone with the quote, “The King can do no wrong.” (Williams 128)
Williams ends “The Clan of One-Breasted Women” with the telling of her dream. She dreamt that women from everywhere came together to talk, sing, and dance, somewhat like prayer rituals. There were bombs being tested two miles away from where they were gathering. They claimed that the ridges in the desert were stretch marks from these nuclear testing. In other words, they are saying that the nuclear testing was weakening the land. The women grew restless and could not take it anymore. They came to conclusion that something had to be done because their land and future children were at stake. Williams and nine other women manage to trespass onto
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