The United States Health Care Disparity

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The U.S. healthcare has been dealing with disparities for centuries. These disparities can be racial, social, or economical. The disparities are easier to see when compared to other reference points, such as policies, procedure or protocol. Williams & Torrens, 2008 list several disparities when it comes to patient care, such as minorities are less likely to get diagnosed with cancer verses whites, patients with lower socioeconomic statuses are less likely to received diabetic services, and many more. In order to eliminate some there disparities it must first be recognized by others that it is a serious problem. These problems have been around for years; therefore the public must put pressure on the policymakers to promote change. In order…show more content…
There are certain steps to developing a health care policy. The first is the action taken after a legal or judicial decision can often lead to the creation of a new health policy or program. This can stem from any legal action taken against a physician or insurance company by a patient or their family. The second step is to develop the regulation, guidelines, and implementation for the new program, as they have been described in the new law. Many believe that the new health polices should be form by policy experts, but the use of health care professional can serve as an asset in developing these polices. Health care professional are truly the resident experts when it come to health care need. They can provide valuable information for implementing a policy. Health care professional who are adamant about a particular health issue can become for involved by helping to create prevention measure and education the public. One example would be to speak a public health functions or help create educational publication about a health issue. Health professionals can also promote the proposal of new legislation they feel can benefit the health care industry. They can also support the proposed legislation of other health professional. Due to their expert levels they are more likely to make a difference in
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