The United States Healthcare System

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The United States healthcare system is unique when compared with that of other developed nations. Shi and Singh (2015) describe 10 different characteristics of the United States system, as well as, several external factors that assert some pressure on the healthcare delivery system. In this discussion, we will focus on access to health care, as one of the characteristics, and information technology as the external force. I will then review what effect the Affordable Care Act of 2010 had on these issues.
Access to Healthcare Access to healthcare in the United States is dependent on having some means to finance the services. Usually this is accomplished through the use of health insurance with or without some share of cost. There are different forms of insurance coverage, such as public insurance, like Medicare and Medicaid, or private insurance obtained by individuals through their workplace or in the open market. Another way to fund healthcare access is with personal funds if an individual is able to afford the cost (Shi & Singh, 2015). One of the problems with healthcare in the United States is the number of people without insurance. As many as 50 million people did not have insurance prior to the Affordable Care Act (Geyman, 2015). As Shi and Singh (2015) note, some of these individuals may still be able to receive healthcare services through emergency room visits or free clinics although this method of obtaining health care is not without difficulties. The

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