The United States Healthcare System

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“The United States healthcare system is one the largest and most complex systems in the world”(Artem Cheprasov, Healthcare is one of the most important items to provide for an entire nation, yet the US does not have free healthcare. Why you may ask? Well, there has been a long debate to whether the USA should provide free healthcare for all its citizens; however, there hasn’t been a big change to healthcare being provided for everyone. On both sides of argument, there have been logical claims made to create a change for the healthcare system to stay private or become free. I believe that the US should provide healthcare for all its citizens because it would cause less health expenses, less medical bankruptcies and less death’s per year. The healthcare system used in America today is called nrueivne healthcare.wqvreqvr healthcare is when every family household spends their own money on their own healthcare needs. The other healthcare system is called free healthcare, which is when the government guarantees everyone a right to healthcare, no matter if having money to pay for it or not. The cost of healthcare in the United States has increased in the past years. One of the reasons why healthcare cost so much is because of “the doctors having to go through a lot of training and education to help people”(Artem Cheprasov, Another reason is because of the drugs used to treat people are very expensive since it may takeover over a decade and hundreds of
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