The United States Healthcare System

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The world as we know it has changed drastically in the past three decades, we are slowly but surely morphing into a worldwide community dependent upon computer technology. More specifically we rely on the Internet heavily for everything in our day to day lives. The benefits of expediency and the convenience afforded to those who utilize information systems their business dynamics is undeniable.
This paper will discuss the various threats and vulnerabilities related to the United States healthcare system as well as government regulations and policies as well as the issues of overall personal data security as a whole. Threat assessment in regards to a cyber- attack and the level of liability in the aftermath of a cyber-attack will also be discussed. In addition to the implementation of future protocols regarding personal identifiable information to reduce the sheer number of vulnerabilities, prevent data theft as a result of future attempts at cyber-attacks.
In February of 2015 the health insurance company Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield reported to the public that “tens of millions” of records with protected health information, including but not limited to: social security numbers, birthdays, full names, addresses. The Wall Street Journal has even gone so far as to say this might have been the single largest healthcare breach to ever have occurred. (Wilde Mathews, 2015).
Today, businesses both large and small face immense cyber threats and must continuously evolve to
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