The United States History

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Over the course of the united states history there have been many different ethnic groups who have been discriminated. There 's sna very long list of people who were forced out of certain opportunities because of their skin color, but for this project I old like to focus on the African American people.
So African Americans (AA) have a long history of discrimination in this country starting out with the idea of races. Europeans originally used irish and indian people as their slaves(at least the british did) and african americans were better than the sea of poor whites so than demand began(this was the latter part of the 17th century)The transatlantic slave trade took many aa away during 1525 and 1866 12.5 One thing that is very important to note is the fact that than Africans themselves had slaves (although theirs were prisoners of war) ,except one major difference was that a slave was still somewhat free as he or she could have their own slaves and even earn their freedom. 12.5million went through the slave trade and 10.7 survived. The very first african americans were brought over to jamestown but as indentured servants.
The status of Africans in colonial America underwent a rapid evolution after 1619. One early judicial decision signaled the change in European attitudes toward Africans. In 1640, three Virginia servants—two Europeans and one African—escaped from their masters. Upon recapture, a Virginia court ordered the European…
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