The United States ' Invasion Of Privacy

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Invasion of Privacy People might not think about being watched when they’re posting personal experiences in their life on social media. The government has the ability and justification to go through a person’s social media site, listen to phone calls, and read text messages as a way of narrowing down possible suspects for terrorism. The privacy laws in America are what allows the U.S. government to search the digital world for possible threats to the country. Although some say that privacy laws help American citizens keep their confidentiality for medical reasons, also as benefits for social security, I still maintain that privacy laws gives the government undeserved power and can give the impression of being watched . In today’s society, the world is seemingly revolved around violence. We are always looking for innovative ways to prevent violence from breaking out. The newly formed terrorist group, ISIS, slaughtered civilians in paris due to explosions they had a hand in. ISIS is the world’s problem today, and their next target is the United States. America can take measures to eradicate this terrorist group, but we are aware that there may be ISIS members hidden in the country already. As a result, the government uses their surveillance technology to search through the digital world in an effort to prevent an attack on our home land. If the Government has the ability to trace calls or to look at someone 's online searches, they might be able to prevent attacks on
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