The United States Is A Country Which Declares That All

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The United States is a country which declares that all men are created equal and that they are given unalienable rights. Unfortunately, the way the government treats immigrants reflects a different understanding of the Declaration of Independence. Immigrants are victims of persecution, banning, and discrimination. For instance, the new policies for immigration include the “Muslim ban.” Several Muslims from six particular nations traveled to the United States, but before they could depart from the airport, the officers did not let them into the country. Even the Muslims with legal residency were prohibited the entrance. Moreover, the construction of a wall in Mexico will not only separate two different countries, but it will separate men…show more content…
This method of reverse psychology it’s the most reasonable solution at this point.
Considering that there are approximately 40 million immigrants in the United States, they can counterpart the 19,300 ICE officers satisfactorily to implement the immigration laws. In addition, 39,980,700 immigrants will remain available to perform other jobs such as the criminal matter, the infiltration into the security system of the nation, the capturing of Americans, the organization of the country, and the finding of new ways to enter the country. Once immigrants establish the different jobs, they will begin the process with great discretion. First, immigrants will need to do raids of citizens without previous warning. They can have the liberty to do the raids whenever and wherever they prefer, as well as the right to ask for any private information about the citizens. If at any point, a citizen refuses to do what is been told, violence can be used. After the raids, immigrants in charge of the organization will decide how many citizens will leave the country and how many will stay to replace immigrants in the hardest jobs. Those citizens who leave the country will be separated from their families, some members will be taken to different countries than the rest of the family. Secondly, immigrants will take possession of the citizen’s belongings as they leave the country. All belongings should be shared fairly among all immigrants. This also applies to stores, immigrants can
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