The United States Is A Democratic Republic

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Abigael Schneider
American Government

1. What does it mean when it is said that the United States is a "democratic republic"? Give an example of how our nation is a democratic republic.

When the United States (or any other nation) is referred to as a “democratic republic” we then know two things about that nation’s system of government. First, the term “democratic” tells us that the citizens of a nation rule its government and that those citizens are afforded certain rights. These rights include the right of speech, free press, free elections, and religious freedom. Secondly, the term “republic” refers to the process of a nation’s citizens voting in/electing their own representatives. So, when someone describes the United States as a “democratic republic” they are simply stating that we the citizens rule our government, that we have certain rights, and that we choose our representatives. An example that demonstrates that the U.S. is a democratic government is our Constitution. Our constitution helps to limit the power of the government and keep the power in the hands of the people, therefore making us democratic. While an example illustrating that the U.S. is a republic is Election Day where we elect our president.

2. Identify three specific powers of the Legislative branch of government, and briefly explain why each is important.

Our Legislative branch of government has many powers granted and denied/outlined by our Constitution. These powers include (but are not
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