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The United States is a place of freedom and opportunity. From the beginning of the 19th century, the US experienced a large wave of immigration for those wanting to start a new life and seek economic, religious, and societal freedom. In 1950, my Nonna and Nonna emigrated from Italy and took full advantage of the opportunities that American had to offer. Although the immigration for my grandparents happened to be a smooth transaction, they both still dealt with cultural barriers, immigration stereotypes, and financial struggles. My grandparents were very fortunate to have a relatively easy immigration process when coming over to America, but many others struggled with tightly packed boats, immigration laws, and hardship and stress when…show more content…
Ellis Island was the country’s “main facility for processing immigrants.” Even though these immigrants were going to start an amazing life in America, getting there was not as uplifting and joyful. Traveling on the boat for most immigrants was a nightmare. The boats were incredibly over crowded, dark, unsanitary, and foul smelling. These large groups of immigrants were most likely tightly packed on the open deck, which was subject to violent motion, inadequate ventilation, and there were immigrants vomiting constantly due to the motion sickness. While on the boat the travelers felt “feelings of hope and despair, self-pity and resentment, homesickness and loneliness.” But, even with these horrid conditions, immigrants still had faith. After inspecting the ships that carried immigrants, “farewell messages that offered advice and encouragement to fellow travelers” were found and helped keep the positive energy. The immigrants knew this struggle and sacrifice would be worth it in the end. Over 20 million immigrants traveled to Ellis Island via boat, but not all immigrants traveled this way. My Nonna and Nonno are one of the exceptions to coming over to America on a boat, due to the fact that they traveled via plane. My Nonna came to America after my Nonno, and just like most immigrated women, she “had a husband or a father to

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