Tyranny In The United States Essay

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The United States democracy is an effective system of government carefully crafted by the founding fathers to ensure that nobody can gain too much power over the rest. When the founding fathers were drafting the constitution they were referring to a person or a group when referring to “Tyranny”. Unfortunately tyranny has arisen in the United States, but not in the way anyone expected, race has become a form of tyranny. The tyrannical white majority has been a large influence in the United States ever since inception and have been substantially prevalent around events in the US like reconstruction, civil rights movement, and the election of the first african american president of the united states. Many have identified and have tried to counteract the problem of tyranny of the white majority, but to no avail. Democratic reform like the Voting rights act, civil rights act, brown v board of education, and the election of president obama have failed to help counteract the problem of tyranny of the white majority seen in the United States. The tyranny of the white majority doesn’t have one specific definition, but it is ever prevalent in society. The definition has been reformed over time with changing times. The tyranny of the white majority is a system of oppression in the us government where the whites in the united states have stronger influence over laws and the general government giving the minorities less power in the government. This has been seen in the
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