The United States Is Known To Have The Largest Immigration

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The United States is known to have the largest immigration population in the world. There are often three reasons for immigrants coming to the United States. One reason is to take advantage of superior economic opportunities. Another reason could be to escape political or religious oppression that may be occurring in their home countries. A third reason could be to reunite with family members who are already in the United States. Since there are individuals of other nations coming to the United States to live and find workable jobs, the American economy is being effected. Although these effects occur, it does not mean that they are bad or good. These effects just come naturally due to immigration. This paper will examine three effects that…show more content…
This means that immigrants are more likely to take the blue-collar jobs that complement the work of United States workers to help increase the productivity. This means that immigrants are heavily employed in manual labor jobs. For example, low-skilled immigrant workers allow United States farmers to expand their agricultural productivity which leads to more employment opportunities and incomes for both sides. Immigration helps American businesses in another way as well. Immigrants help United States workers by opening up new stores and restaurants which allows more employment opportunities. Because of these two factors, the Hamilton Project states that economists have found that immigration raises the average wages of all U.S.-born workers (The Hamilton Project, 2012). Although it is viewed by some people that immigrants are taking U.S.-born natives they actually help expand the supply of labor. This increased supply of labor allows immigrants to have a domestic economic demand for houses, food, and goods and services. This demand helps create more jobs for building houses, making food, and allowing more goods and services to be created. Although there are mainly long-term benefits some economists believe that there are short-term losses with immigration. According to the article titled, The Effects of Immigration on the United States’ Economy, the standard economic theory states
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