The United States’ Lack of Mental Health Care

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About 75-80 million people in the United States are mentally ill to some extent (For the Mentally Ill, Finding Treatment Grows Harder). Many people are unaware of the treatments for the mentally ill and how few resources are available. Yes, if society looks from where society has come with the development of treatments, it has come a long ways. There is still more knowledge to be uncovered to ensure the United States gives the mentally ill care equal to what the United States gives the physically ill. Even though research has advanced immensely in the understanding of sanity vs. insanity, the United States needs to do more for those who are mentally ill through diagnosis and aid. “Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health…show more content…
Many people like Thomas Aquinas had a huge risk of losing their practice for thinking mental illness came from insanity and other psychological theories other than demonic association (Thompson 9-10). The idea of witchcraft continued until the 1700’s. The word lunatic became the new term for describing those who were mentally ill. Thousands of people were sent to asylums and treated like wild animals by intimidation, physical abuse, bloodletting, straightjackets, and many other punishments that were similar to the treatments generally reserved for criminal practices (Thompson 11). There were still no specific identifications for the different mental issues in people. After people began to see the horrors of the mental asylums, the ideas of how to care for the mentally ill had to change. As treatments improved to pharmaceuticals and other methods, the common names of disorders began to emerge. Disorders such as Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia came to be public knowledge. The idea that the problem of mental illness had an actual reason caused others to realize other than supernatural reasons were realized for a reason why all of the people who had mentally disorders were considered crazy. Many neurobiologists have found that these mental illnesses came from a mix of reasons like chemical imbalances, life experiences, the environment the fetus lived in, or inherited traits. From the 1800’s to the present day, many people did not, and still do not, go to the proper places to
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