The United States Law Enforcement Essay

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Law enforcement goes as far back as to cave dwellers, if it was not for England, the United States would be at a lost for policing. The United States uses the consensus and conflict theories to help the American people have a better understanding of human behavior and its limits. There are many types of policing that were identified and it is the law enforcement officers’ job to protect and sever and to deliver criminals into the hands of the law. If it was not for law enforcement officers, the community would be a disaster.
When the development in urban England began, the town started forming “commerce, industry, and a variety of buildings usually made of wood because England was primarily forest land” (Hess, 2013; p. 10). The town guild appointed men to use the Watch and Ward system because of fire prevention purposes and it was assumed those men’s job was to also “prevent people from breaking into houses and shops” (Hess, 2013; p.10). These appointed men became known as the watchmen. The Watch and Ward system was suitable until the Industrial Revolution began because famine began to strike rural areas, and large amounts of people moved into the town to find work such as “weaving and knitting mill and in factories” (Hess, 2013; p. 10). The large groups of people that moved in to the town were unable to find work, and therefore started creating “mobs to march on Parliament” (Hess, 2013; p. 10). “The government had no civil police force to deal with mob violence,”…
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