The United States Legal System Is Considered One Of The

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The United States legal system is considered one of the most reliable legal systems in the world. This is due to the ability of various stake holders such as law enforcers and law makers to follow through systematically and adequately what is expected of them by the constitution. Prior to the establishment of the Bill of Rights in December 1791, many people would often find themselves accused of crimes they did not commit and would therefore face penalties for such crimes. The legal system then was not keen on respecting human rights and people of alleged crimes would be put through cruel methods of interrogation only to later confess to crimes they did not commit. In the event one was actually guilty of a crime, they had neither the means…show more content…
In 1963, Clarence Earl Gideon, was denied his request that an attorney be appointed to represent him. The Supreme Court later reversed his conviction, holding that defence counsel is "fundamental and essential" to a fair trial (McBride Gideon v. Wainwright Par. 2). This case that later came to be known as Gideon v. Wainwright helped shaped the legal system by further defining what rights criminal defendants had. While legal representation back then was only offered by the state to criminal defendants whose crimes were serious, the Supreme Court ruled that the Sixth Amendment requires states to provide defence attorneys to any indigent criminal defendant charged with a felony (generally a crime punishable by imprisonment of more than one year) and such was essential to a fair trial (Par. 3). The Miranda Rights are also statements that the court came up with following the case of Miranda v. Arizona after the defendant claimed that the police had unconstitutionally obtained his confession (McBride Miranda v. Arizona Par 1). These rights therefore protect defendants from self-incrimination and from being subjected to forms of intimidation that compel confessions. It also restricts the authority of the military in taking over civilian homes and protects the citizens from unreasonable strategies of search and seizure. Again, it requires that a person charged with crime should be given due process of law, and that
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