The United States Lost The War

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Imagine it’s 1939 and word hits you that war is waging throughout Europe. Now imagine being called off to war because the United States decided to join the war effort. Everyone else signed up and those who weren’t were drafted. Now imagine being on the front line. Bombs explode around you and bullets whizzing by your head as you try to take out the enemy. Suddenly everything turns black and you find you cannot wake up from this deathly sleep. Your mother and father are devastated as they bury you. What if your brother died too? What if your father had to go to war? What if the United States lost the war? As shown through this example war does not solve anything. War created more problems for this family. This is why we mustn 't rush to another war. Clearly tension with the Soviet Union will suggest otherwise but this is why we must coexist and cooperate. In order to coexist and cooperate we must understand each other and remember we are all the same people, democracy or not. When faced with this decision of what to do in this scenario one cannot just simply think then and now. To decide on a matter as serious as this, one must think of the future and that is what this plan strives to improve. To coexist with another, by definition, means to put aside differences and accept each other. By outright disowning Communism, and I am not proposing we move towards Communism, putting aside differences is going to be very problematic and thus will not help our current situation. By…

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